Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fans get creative with Favre the ViQueen - Part 2

A while back -- oh, who knows, it could have been just a month ago with the twists and turns in this story -- I shared a link with you to a photo gallery on the site. They had invited readers to share their photos of Brett Favre as a ViQueen. Well, it's only gotten better...especially with more recent developments -- a-hem.

Check out the images here. Worth a look and a laugh.

The Ego Has Landed
Wish I could take credit for that line. It's a great one in the context of things. But credit has to go to sports writer Michael Hunt of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. That line gives you a clue about Hunt's opinion of Favre's signing by the ViQueens. But you have to read the rest of the column to get a real feel for things. Hunt is a great writer, and he does a great job of covering this particular terrain. Check it out here.

Colbert says...
Even Stephen Colbert weighed in on the Favre signing during the intro to his show, The Colbert Report, last night, saying Favre has the NFL record for "incomplete retirements." Well done, Mr. Colbert, well done!