Monday, August 17, 2009

Packrphan - We count on you

Hey Packrphan, nice updates and the links are more useful than ever. I made an update, too, by getting rid of my old signature: "Remember when Favre..." to a more traditional one (see below). I don't want to remember much about Favre for a couple of more years. He still owes his fans, even if he is disturbed by Packer administration.

I missed the preseason game as I was in Chicago. The Chicago Tribune had a short line about the game in the Sunday paper. Thanks for your details. Keep up the good work. I will be watching! By the way, the Chicago press was as concerned about how the Bears played against Buffalo as they were with the fact that Orton threw three interceptions in his Bronco debut. They are hopeful about Cutler, but he did nothing in their opener. The Bears Still Suck!

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  1. Hey, Winning etc.,

    Howdy doody doo! (And just remember: that's a lot better than Howdy Doody doo doo!) Thanks for your kind well as for your insightful posts of recent days. Hope you keep it up! Can always use some additional commentary, especially as we get into the heart of the season. :-)



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