Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pack vs. Bills Preview

The Buffalo Bills come to Lambeau Field tonight. Shouldn't two teams like this really match up in, say, December? Would be more fitting. Still, it will be interesting to see how the Pack deals with the Bills' no-huddle offense. Will be a pity fans can't boo Bills receiver Terrell Owens on the field, though. T.O.'s got a bad toe. Guess those present can still heckle him on the sidelines, of course. Not that I'd ever suggest that kind of behavior.

On the Packers side of things, it will be our first chance to see B. J. Raji in action. He still won't be in full game shape after only about six practices but it would be reasonable to assume he'd get a fair number of plays in. The Pack's other first round pick, LB Clay Matthews, is not expected to play; still nursing that hamstring injury that fellow poster "Winning is the Only Thing" mentioned yesterday.

A few other things to watch for:
  • The return of Al Harris and Charles Woodson (although one wouldn't expect them to be used too much).

  • The play of the offensive line as coaches still attempt to get the best five players on the field, especially at right tackle.

  • The use of rookie RB Tyrell Sutton and whether he can repeat his excellent performance of last week.

  • How the new 3-4 defensive scheme continues to evolve and how it responds to the no-huddle offense of the Bills.

  • Whether 3rd string QB (and last year's 2nd round draft pick) Brian Brohm can do something to save his roster spot. Will GM Ted Thompson give up so quickly on a high pick? Some seem to think that to-date Brohm hasn't done much to warrant keeping. And backup Matt Flynn has done nothing but solidify his standing as #2 to Aaron Rodgers.

Favre makes his funky purple debut
In case anyone still cares, Ol' #4 donned the funky purple and horns (or whatever they are) last night for the first time. He was 1 for 4 for 4 yards against the Chiefs. Got hit a few times. Nothing extraordinary one way or the other. What do you expect after just a couple days of practice? Still, a pretty surreal image for Packers fans.