Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thus Spake ZaraFavre

Yes, a bit of stretch in that headline. But at this point in the Favre un-un-retirement circus, a little creative license is allowed. And, to be honest, the original by Nietzsche (as in Friedrich, not Ray, as in Nitschke), "Thus Spake Zarathustra," even addresses such things as the "eternal recurrence of the same". Sound familiar? The eternal recurrence of the same. Retired. Not. Retired. Not. Etc. Etc.

But if you are interested in hearing what Ol' #4 had to say on the occasion of this latest recurrence of un-retirement, check out this video of his press conference from today.

There are, of course, already any number of comments and commentary on Favre and every aspect of this signing with the ViQueens. One of the articles which seems to hit it on the head best, though, is this one by Gene Wojciechowski of ESPN.com. He notes that the minute Favre signed his deal with the 'Queens and put on that funky purple he became the football equivalent of the character Fredo in "The Godfather: Part II." Fredo is the one that betrays the family. As Wojciechowski says, "Packers fans became Michael Corleone, who tells his kid brother, 'Fredo, you're nothing to me now.'"

Well, perhaps that is an overstatement. Favre certainly will always mean something to Packer fans. You can't erase 16 years of excitement and championships. But, unfortunately, that's not all that Brett will now mean to Packer fans. We will remember how for several years he played a waiting game in the Spring before saying if he would or wouldn't play again. Then when he finally said, in a tear-filled press conference, that he just didn't have it any more and was hanging up the cleats for good, the Packers moved on. Then Brett changed his mind. And the rest...well...you know. You will never forget.

So, while Brett may or may not be "nothing" to Packer fans now that he's putting on the horns or whatever those things are on the 'Queens helmets, he isn't what he was. Yep, he'll be in the NFL Hall of Fame, the Packer Hall of Fame, and probably even have his name up in the Lambeau Field ring of honor at some point. But it won't be the same.

As Wojciechowsk says in his commentary, Favre "knows there are green-and-gold die-hards who will never forgive him for wearing a Vikings uni. The only thing worse would be seeing him wear the Bears' navy blue."

At least he's got that going for him. But sure isn't much, is it?