Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Breaking News: Favre will un-un-retire; on his way to ViQueens

BREAKING NEWS: A report by WISN-TV in Milwaukee says that a ViQueens plane has just left Hattiesburg, MS with Brett Favre and his wife Deanna aboard. Sounds as if something has finally gotten serious. So watch for more here later. Doesn't sound as if this is a sightseeing trip.

No doubt you heard the word yesterday that Jay Glazer from FoxSports.com was reporting that his contacts with the ViQueens seemed to all be pointing to Ol' #4 still coming out of his second retirement to join their club. Some players were even saying it's a done deal and Brett would be on the roster by the third preseason game. Turns out it might be sooner than that. If you haven't yet been bored to tears by this whole thing, check out Glazer's report here.

Harrell done?
Despite what apparently was a successful bit of physical rehab and early camp, defensive lineman Justin Harrell may finally be hitting the end of his very short and potholed road with the Packers (was that a bit of a strained metaphor? sorry). The latest reports out of Green Bay, as reported by both the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and Green Bay Press-Gazette, are that the supposed back spasms which Harrell began experiencing recently really are renewed problems with the herniated disc in his lower back. He's already had two surgeries on this disc, the last of which, doctors told him, would make the odds of him continuing his football career very slim indeed. But he didn't see much of a choice then. Now looking at the possibility of a third procedure...well, it isn't looking good.

The Packers are literally scouring the planet to see if they can find a solution to help save the young man's career and salvage what most fans thought at the time was a wasted first round draft pick. And Harrell, to his credit, wants to do whatever he can to also continue his career. But the odds are against him. And getting worse.

You can read more about Harrell here.