Monday, September 10, 2007

That morning-after glow

No...not that kind of glow. Rather, the kind that comes from reflecting upon a hard-fought, bounce-of-the-ball, last-second victory from the day before. Packers 16 - Eagles 13. Oh that feels soooooooo good, doesn't it? The only things that would have made it a very sweet day would have been for the ViQueens and Lions to lose. But at least Da Bearz lost to the Bolts.

So, a couple points come to mind in the aftermath of yesterday's victory...

The Packers special teams have already achieved more in this one game than they did all of last season. Let's hope that aggressive approach was not a mere fluke. I don't think so. Granted, you can't expect muffed punts by inexperienced returners in every game. But it does look as if we can count on a very strong-legged and composed rookie kicker by the name of Mason Crosby. By the way, if you want to read a very interesting firsthand account of what goes on "in the pile" when those fumbled punts occurred, check out this article; it makes me very glad the only thing I have to wrestle with is opening a bag of chips.

Speaking of kicker Mason Crosby, he's a keeper.

The offensive line needs to get its act together quickly or Brett will not last the season. The inability to control the line of scrimmage, open running lanes, and pass protect solidly has to be a real concern for a unit that performed at a higher level last year. The season has started, guys! Let's get it together, eh?

Unless Vernand Morency lights up the running game when he returns to play this week, fans still can rightly question the decision by GM Ted Thompson not to draft one of the top running backs with his #16 pick, but rather to take defensive lineman Justin Harrell. Nothing against Harrell, but what is the point of using a 16th overall first-round pick on a player at a position which already has so much depth that the newly drafted player is not even activated for the game? That's right: Harrell was not even activated. Somebody...explain that to us, please. In an area of drastic need for the Packers, Thompson spends the team's first-round pick on a player who at best may be a spot player this year. Still hard to figure that out. And the team could pay the price not only this year but for years to come. I sincerely hope Harrell eventually does turn into a quality player and starter. But we need a running back NOW!

It's interesting in talking with friends who are Da Bearz fans about their take on the Packers game (yes, I believe in befriending even those who are misguided and confused). They of course toss off the word "lucky." OK, I'll take that. Luck has a part in football. In fact...refresh my memory...was how the Packers won yesterday any different than how Da Bearz made it to the Super Bowl last year? With special teams and a strong defense? With turnovers and "lucky" bounces of the ball? How soon they forget. Hey, "lucky" worked for you guys last year. It can work for us, too.

The next team up is the NY Giants. Let's talk about them later on this week. In the meantime, let's savor this sweet victory...being atop the NFC North Division...and knowing that we have a defense and special teams unit that can keep us in games. The offense will get things worked out.

And let's not forget this either: the Pack has now won 5 in a row going back to last season. Not bad. Not bad at all.