Thursday, September 27, 2007

Favre's Accomplishments Defy Descriptions (but it's fun to try!)

I suppose I could post a thousand links these days about what people are saying about Favre. Everyone wants to weigh in. I still have to say I am a little disappointed in the coverage not just on the touchdown pass record, but the records already accomplished and those about to fall. I think some people think Favre has played a lot longer than the other quarterbacks and that is why he will get these records. Actually, after 16 seasons plus, it is amazing how similar are Favre's stats and Marino's, for instance. Favre had the exact same number of starts as Marino when he matched the record last weekend - the exact same number of starts! That is amazing! Though he will likely get the interception record, he is only averaging about 1.2 more interceptions per season than Marino (this is supposed to be a major "separating" statistic between Favre and Marino - check out this interception analysis from the GBPress Gazette: link). Another key stat people point to when they compare Favre and Marino is total yardage. Favre is 3000 yards behind Marino with the exact same number of starts. This works out to an average of about 12.5 yards per game difference.

Anyway, here is comparison of Favre and Marino. Be sure to read the comments added by the readers link. Here is another link with some great "remember when Favre" moments by coaches and players. And finally, here is a link about where Favre fits in the list of greats of all time. Personally, I think a great deal of this analysis is flawed because Favre is not done yet.

Finally, did you know that if Favre starts all the rest of the games this season, and all of the games next season, he will still be one short of Jim Marshall's all time consecutive start record?

Let's enjoy every Favre moment!

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