Sunday, September 23, 2007

1st Quarter: Packers 3 - Chargers 7

The first quarter of the game was noteworthy for a penalty that wasn't called and one that was.

The Packers took the kickoff and drove down to the Chargers 42. On fourth-and-two, Brett threw a pass to Donald Driver where he was clearly interfered with. No call. The Chargers then took the ball and marched down the field, scoring their first first-half touchdown of the season on a well-covered pass to the end zone over Al Harris.

The Pack then generated a drive of their own, helped in part by a roughing penalty on a vicious helmet to helmet hit on Donald Driver. The Packers drove down to inside the red zone, which included a nice catch-and-run by James Jones, but were unable to convert on 3rd and 6; a pass went just off the fingertips of Bubba Franks in the end zone. Mason Crosby kicked the field goal, although it appeared as if a defender nearly came free up the middle to block it.

Helped by a holding penalty on the return, and a delay of game penalty on third down, the Packers defense stopped the Chargers at their own 7 yard line for three and out. Following the punt, the Pack then started their last drive of the quarter from the Chargers 49.

First quarter observations: aside from the last series, LaDainian Tomlinson seems to be finding running room -- not good; Phil Rivers is getting time to throw -- also not good in combination with the LT trend; the Pack is moving the ball both through the air and even a bit on the ground, and Brett is getting great pass protection -- all very good.