Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy returns

So, if you're like many Packers fans -- including this one -- you perhaps began to wonder as you watched or listened to the game against the Giants just who that return guy is. You know, what's his name? Williams? Yeah, that's the guy. Did the announcer say "Travis Williams"? No...that was...long time ago. Tramon Williams. That's it.

Where did this guy come from? Wasn't Will Blackmon supposed to be our kick off returner? Oh wait, he broke his thumb, didn't he? Took him out of the picture for a while. So, Tramon Williams. Had returns of 42 and 46 yards on Sunday, although the latter was reduced by 20 yards thanks to a very dumb penalty.

If you want to know more, there's a nice story about him in today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. He's doing pretty well for an undrafted player who had difficulty making any team's practice squad in 2006. But he landed with the Pack late last season, and may have found a home, particularly if he keeps returning kicks like he has. He's certainly one of those nice surprises that seems to be turning around the special teams unit from its abysmal state of prior years.

There may be a lot of no-name guys on this roster, as Bubba Franks pointed out in some comments after the game, but before the season is over a few may very well make some names for themselves and help the Packers back to the playoffs in the process.