Thursday, September 20, 2007

Packers Are Cautious About Injuries

I am not sure if Packrphan is already getting skittish about the Packers' chances, but the injury picture is not yet a concern in my opinion.
Of the 15 players on the list I am pretty sure that about 10 of them will play their usual role on Sunday. Palmer is goint to be out for sure. Beyond that we can't say much. Today is a key day for determining if Morency and Jennings can go since they both practiced significantly yesterday. If they are sore, they won't go on Sunday.
As to the injured reserve list, some of those guys might not have made the team anyway. Hodge may be looking at the end of his career. He is lucky they didn't cut him. The others are not all that significant.
Finally, I am wondering if McCarthy and company are much more cautious in general about injuries. The Packers seem to have proven that they have some depth this year and so they won't rush guys back from injuries. In the long run I think this is very positive. Additionally, if we have any unmotivated players who prefer to be on the injured list than play, then I would rather they kept them off the field (I am not saying that any on the list are such types, but...)
So, I would like to caution Packrphan not to get the Packer Fan Nation (most of whom visit this site weekly) all in a tither by emphasizing the number of players on a list. Let's see what happens coming into the game on Sunday.

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