Sunday, September 09, 2007

End of 1st Quarter: Packers 10 - Eagles 0

Thanks to two turnovers by Philly, the Pack took an early 10-0 lead in today's game. A muffed punt by the Eagles wound up in their own end zone and -- with who knows what mayhem going on in the pile -- Tracy White somehow managed to cover the ball. The second score was set up by an interception by Nick Barnett. The Packers stalled, however, and elected to test out the strong leg of their rookie kicker, Mason Crosby. He responded, kicking a 53-yard field goal to put the Pack ahead by 10 points.

The defense has been putting pressure on McNabb so far, resulting in several holding calls on the Eagles line, as well as an intentional grounding penalty by McNabb.

Three negatives to the quarter: Brett threw an interception on third-and-one, which eventually led to a long pass play to inside the Packers' 10-yard line (where the quarter ended). That's two negatives. The third negative -- and as yet unknown as to how critical -- was the loss of Al Harris to some sort of apparent elbow injury. While covering a punt, he was run into by fellow Packer Atari Bigby whose helmet hit right on Harris' elbow. Harris was in obvious pain on the sideline, and was taken by cart to the locker room. It is also Harris' side of the field which, with replacements, gave up the big pass play at the end of the quarter. Let's hope this was just a matter of Harris' funny bone being hit. Otherwise, it may not be so funny: losing Harris would not be a good start to the season.