Monday, September 24, 2007

Let the Chargers tell you how good the Packers are

As Packer fans, we can always extol the greatness of our team, even when it might not be so great. So it's always interesting to hear what an opposing team has to say, especially one of the top teams in the league which just got beat by our very own Packers. Case in point: the San Diego Chargers.

In today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, there's an article which features comments by Chargers' coaches and players about their impressions of this current Packers team. As might be expected, a lot of the praise centers around Brett Favre, and rightly so. But there are also kudos for the O-line, receivers, and defense. The only mention of the running game, of course, is that there isn't one.

Still, no sour grapes by the Chargers. Only praise. Nice to read such words. And kudos to the Chargers for being so classy in defeat. That in itself is a refreshing change of pace in the sports world these days.

You can read the article here.