Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bits & pieces heading into the season opener

Remember Larry King's old newspaper column? Neither do I. Does he still write it? Who knows? Why so many questions? Why do you think? OK, this is becoming tiresome...isn't it? Stop it, will you?

Sorry about that. The point is that ol' Lar would just kind of string a whole bunch of unrelated thoughts and observations together and call it...well, I don't know what he called it. I know what The Onion called it in their spoof. (Caution: if you are offended by naughty words or twisted humor, please don't click on that link! Oh the humanity!)

In that same style of random writing, I offer you the following...

Donald Driver returned to practice yesterday in a limited capacity. When asked by reporters if he'd be ready for the season opener he basically said not to worry, he'd be ready to go. The Packers aren't saying. If he can start, he will. But expect DD to be used only as needed...the Packers aren't going to want to risk losing him for an extended period of time by rushing him back too quickly. But they could sure use him for whatever he could bring on Sunday.

Nearly 50 percent of Packers fans in an online poll in today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel say the Packers will finish second in their division. It's early in the poll, so be sure to vote. But, this seems to be in keeping with what most pundits are saying. Of course, most are also saying Da Bearz will take the division. Some are even calling for Da Bearz to return to the Super Bowl. Puh-leze. All based on the quality of the defense which, admittedly, is a good one. But in the same breath, everyone questions their offense, particularly with Rex Grossman at the helm. While unproven in its current configuration, I think the Packers have a right to be high on their own defense this year. If it comes close to expectations the Pack will be in every game. And given a choice between the Packers offense and that of Da Bearz, who you gonna pick? Even with our questions at running back. I think the division will be tighter than what some think.

Speaking of running backs, it's still unclear who the Pack will have in the backfield on Sunday. Vernad Morency returned to limited practice, as did Brandon Jackson. DeShawn Wynn says he's ready to go. Newly acquired Ryan Grant -- what else? -- pulled a hamstring on his second day of practice with the team, although it was doubtful as to whether he would have been able to play on such short notice anyway. Still, good to know he is fitting right in with the Packers MASH unit, er, backfield.

More to come...