Sunday, September 09, 2007

Packers win! Packers 16 - Eagles 13

The 4th quarter started off on a great note as McNabb was sacked deep in the Eagles' own territory on third down. Unfortunately, Charles Woodson was flagged for a 5-yard penalty and an automatic first down for the Eagles. That led Philly to ignite another drive down to midfield. The Packers were able to stop that drive and force a punt thanks to a sack -- without a penalty this time.

Right guard Jason Spitz left the game with what was reported as "calf fatigue."

DT Johnny Jolly batted down or tipped at least 3 passes from Donovan McNabb at the line over the course of the game.

Thanks to a penalty against Philly on a punt with a little over 5 minutes left in the game, the Packers got the ball at midfield. Unfortunately, on third down, a defender got around Chad Clifden, got to Brett, who was hit on the blind side, resulting in a fumble and an Eagles' recovery at about the Packers' 38-yard line. Penetration by Johnny Jolly -- who played a great game -- pushed the ball back to the 42. On 3rd and 12, the Packers not only sacked McNabb, but took the penalty yardage from an offensive holding penalty, to make it 3rd and 22. McNabb had pressure, but was able to get it off. Fortunately, the receiver caught it out of bounds down field.

With 2:32 in the game, the Packers got the ball back on a punt at their own 22. They were able to move it down to the 40 before having to punt with about a minute to go. On the punt, the Eagles player once again muffed it and the Packers recovered at the Philly 31-yard line with 59 seconds to go.

With 6 seconds left, holder (and punter) Jon Ryan handled a high snap, got the ball down, and Mason Crosby kicked his third field goal of the game, a 42-yarder to win the game!

What a way to start the season! Wow!!! It wasn't pretty. But winning ugly is still winning. Just as things began turn around for the Packers in the 90s when they finally got to play the Cowboys in Green Bay, making finally getting to play and beat the Eagles at Lambeau will be the start of yet another turnaround. This was the first time the Packers beat the Eagles since 2000.

P.S. This was the Packers first home opener win after four prior season opening losses.

P.P.S. This win tied Brett with John Elway for most wins by a QB. This is the first of many records Brett will own after this season is done.