Sunday, September 16, 2007

2nd quarter: Giants 10 - Pack 7

The second quarter was a quarter of big plays. The Pack took the lead thanks to a 46-yard pass and catch from Brett to James Jones, followed by a screen play to ex-Giant RB Ryan Grant for 21 yards, followed by a fake pass and delayed hand off to DeShawn Wynn for a 6-yard TD run...with one very nice cut to make it into the end zone. This lead was short lived, however, as the Packers and their four-man rush gave Eli Manning WAY too much time to find receivers. They proceeded to march down the field, and score on a TD pass from Manning to Plaxico Burress.

With under 2 minutes to go, the Giants marched down the field once again. They picked up a first down on a pass to Jeremy Shockey, only to have it wiped out on offsetting penalties: for Shockey spiking the ball after the reception and offsides on Aaron Kampman. Shockey shortly thereafter dropped a third down pass at the 2-yard line, which made the Giants attempt a 48-yard field goal, which they made.

A nice Packers kickoff return was nullified by a holding penalty on Collin Cole. The Pack couldn't get anything else going after that, and punted to end the half.

With about 90 seconds to go, Giants receiver Plaxico Burress was seen walking with a bit of a hitch to the locker room.

Halftime overview: the Packers offensive line still looks out of sync, not offering up enough pass protection nor providing much room for the running game...the defense must do more blitzing in the second half or Manning will pick them apart.

It will be a close one...perhaps decided by a turnover...or a blown coverage or assignment of some kind.