Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What the Favre? Part 18

We haven't done a "What the Favre?" update in quite a while. But it seems only fitting given the ViQueens' overtime loss to Da Bearz in Chicago last night.

After erasing a 17-point deficit in the closing seconds of the game to take it into overtime, the 'Queens allowed the overpriced Bearz QB Jay Cutler to throw his best pass of the season for the winning TD.

This marks two games in a row that the 'Queens have lost and three of their last four. Say it with me: awwwwwww.

Wasn't it conjectured by any number of folks that Minnesota would likely do a late season swan dive? And...here we are.

If the Pack had won at Pittsburgh, they would be tied with Minnesota, although the 'Queens would hold the higher playoff seed by virtue of having beaten the Packers twice this season.

If the Pack had won at Tampa Bay, we'd be in first place in the division going into the final game of the season...or something like that.

With the upset last evening, it throws the NFC playoff seedings a bit up in the air. Everything was pointing solidly to a so-what game between the Packers and Cardinals on Sunday to close out the regular season. Now, the Cardinals might actually have something to play for, assuming the Giants can beat the 'Queens in the Humpty Dump and pending the winner between the Cowboys and Eagles.

The Packers, whether they win or lose Sunday, are pretty well set on that #5 seed; they could drop to #6 but that's unlikely. And, the Yahoo Sports NFL Playoff Scenario Generator still shows most of the scenarios with the Pack playing the Cardinals in the 1st round. But, there is at least one scenario in which the Packers could actually wind up playing...get ready for it!...the ViQueens. I could explain it all here but it would make your head explode. So trust me. Or, go to the Generator and see how it plays out for you.

The bottom line, though, no matter what, is that the Packers are peaking at the right time. And, as has so often been the case for the guys in the funky purple outfits, they are fading down the stretch. And maybe Brett is beginning to get the feeling that he's going to miss out on the Big Dance once again. As Seinfeld might say, "That's a shame."