Sunday, December 27, 2009

Packers - Seahawks Preview

It's game day at Lambeau Field. And that means redemption day. Redemption for the blown game in Pittsburgh last Sunday. The Packers to a man knew they let one get away that they should have had. Coaches know it too. And we, the loyal green-n-gold-blooded fans, absolutely know it.

So, there should be a bit of anger on the part of the Pack today. They should be playing as if their season depends upon it. Because in a way, it does. Oh, there are still scenarios in which the Pack could lose their two remaining games and still make the playoffs but do we really want to go there? I think not.

Instead, the nearly wingless Seahawks come to Green Bay today without much to offer in the way of resistance. That's not just me blowing smoke you-know-where. That's what the oddsmakers say, as well: the Packers are 14-point favorites over the 'hawks. Other than now 34-year-old Matt Hasselbeck under center -- who generally does not play well when returning to play the team that drafted him -- the Seahawks have really been hurt by injury all season long. Their offensive line is not great. And there are really not a lot of weapons for Hasselbeck to rely upon. On defense, not much there either.

So, unless turnovers, special teams gaffes, and/or untimely penalties (gee, where have seen that before???) plague the Pack today, they should take care of business and emerge with a needed win.

It would also be a plus if Dallas loses to the Redskins tonight (not likely, but on any given Sunday...) or the Giants lose to Carolina this afternoon (could happen). If the Pack wins and either Dallas or the Giants lose today, the Packers secure their wild card spot in the playoffs.

Oh, and one other thing we'd probably rather not do: root for the ViQueens to beat Da Bearz Monday night. If they do so -- and there is no reason to suspect they won't -- the Arizona Cardinals (the Pack's opponent next Sunday) will have no chance to secure a first round bye, which means they will be less likely to be trotting out their starters for very long when they and the Packers meet.

I know: pragmatism is sometimes ugly.

But one thing that isn't is a Packers win. And that's what we're going to get today. Let's take the Packers 31-13 over the Seahawks.

Go Pack Go!!!