Sunday, December 20, 2009

End of 3rd quarter: Packers 14 - Steelers 24

A fairly uneventful quarter, as evidenced by the score. The Packers added 0 and the Steelers added 3.

The Pack held the Steelers on the opening drive of the half. However, on their first possession of the half, the Pack carried on a tradition from the 1st half: 3-and-out.

On the Steelers next possession, they put together a drive which resulted in a touchdown...oops, TD called back on a penalty. The Pack then added a sack to ruin the TD hopes and the Steelers had to settle for 37-yard field goal, which they converted to go up on the Packers 24-14. Must be nice to have a kicker make field goals...I wonder what's that like...but I digress...

The quarter ended with the Packers driving down inside the Steelers' redzone once again.