Monday, December 07, 2009

Halftime: Packers 17 - Ravens 0

It might not have been the prettiest half of football, especially on the offensive side of things until later in the second quarter, but the Packers are the better team in this game, leading the Ravens by a score of 17-0 at halftime.

The Packers started the game with a good kick return by Jordy Nelson. They then put together a solid drive to go inside the Ravens' red zone. But, as has often been the case, particularly early in games, the Packers stalled out and had to settle for a field goal to go up 3-0. And that's where the first quarter ended.

The Packers got their two touchdowns in the last five minutes of the half. The first came on 3-yard toss from Aaron Rodgers to Jermichael Finley, while the second came on a 7-yard throw from Rodgers to Donald Driver -- the 50th TD of Driver's career -- with under a minute remaining. (ESPN was quick on their stats to show that the Packers are the only team in NFL history to have 10 players who have scored 50 or more touchdowns in their careers.)

The Packers have kept the Ravens offense totally in check, pressuring QB Joe Flacco heavily, covering receivers tightly, and not allowing RB Ray Rice to get any room to run at all. Packers' rookies Clay Matthews and B. J. Raji are performing extremely well, as is the entire defensive unit.

The Packers got two takeaways in the half, one a fumble recovery and the other an interception and both by Nick Collins. The Packers also gave the ball away once on a long interception toss by Aaron Rodgers.

All the Packers have to do is keep doing what they did the first half -- and there is no reason to expect they won't -- and this will be the Pack's fourth consecutive win, to take them to 8-4 on the season and staying neck and neck with the Eagles for one of the two wildcard spots.

Go Pack Go!!!