Sunday, December 13, 2009

End of 3rd quarter: Packers 13 - Bears 14

Ya know, missed opportunities and turnovers keep bad teams alive.

That's what's happened through the first three quarters of this game. The Packers stalled out in the redzone early and had to settle for field goals -- and let's not mention the touchdown that was that the refs said wasn't. Then toss in a couple turnovers and, unfortunately, the game is now the battle for survival that we thought could happen, but wouldn't. So much for that idea.

The Packers started off moving the ball on the 3rd quarter's first possession. QB Aaron Rodgers got pressured and bobbled the ball as he went to pass. He caught it and then, ill advisedly, attempted to throw it again...and bobbled it again. It was plucked in the air by a defender. Ball to Da Bearz, who then took a 6-play 56-yard drive into the endzone on a 10-yard TD pass. Packers 13 - Da Bearz 14.

The Pack was unable to get anything going after that in the 3rd quarter.