Friday, December 04, 2009

A more physical team usually means more injuries

Just when there is talk of how the Packers might be moving from being perceived as a finesse team to more of a physical team, they get hit with a reminder that that type of play cuts both ways.

We all knew LT Chad Clifton was going to be a game-time decision with his hamstring injury from the game with the Lions, and that the dependable rookie T. J. Lang was preparing once again to fill in at left tackle. But today Lang was added to the injury report and missed practice with a concussion. Given the unavailability of both Clifton and Lang, Allen Barbre took the reps at left tackle today. Given how Barbre struggled in his trial at right tackle we can only hope Clifton or Lang is available Monday night.

But the more serious injury occurred today in practice as backup linebacker Jeremy Thompson tackled RB Kregg Lumpkin. According to Lumpkin, Thompson's head apparently hit his left shoulder pad when he tried to make the tackle. "When it happened, he just said, 'Oh no,' and just fell on the ground. After that, I was just standing there like, 'What really just happened.' All I could do was sit there and hope that he get back up." Thompson didn't, although he did have movement in his arms and legs. Still, he was taken from the field by ambulance to the hospital where he is being kept overnight for what is reported as a neck sprain.

Here's the official statement by the Packers: "Packers linebacker Jeremy Thompson suffered a neck sprain near the end of Friday’s practice. There was no loss of consciousness and no paralysis at any time. Packers medical staff took customary precaution in treating the injury, including transport of Thompson to St. Vincent Hospital for a full battery of tests. He will be kept overnight at Bellin Hospital for rest and further evaluation."

Let's hope the young man makes a full recovery.