Tuesday, December 08, 2009

More trivia from the Pack's win over the Ravens

We already learned last evening that the combined penalty yardage in last evening's game between the Packers and Ravens tied for second most in NFL history with 375 yards (on 23 total penalties, 11 by the Packers). The combined total was the most ever in the Packers ' 90-year game history. We also learned that the 175 penalty yards on the Packers was the second most in their history. The most penalty yards -- 184 -- came in a game in 1945 versus the Boston Yanks...yep, Boston...Yanks. Who knew??? Oh, the Packers won that game 38-14, by the way, on their way to a 6-4 season record and third place in the NFL's Western Division (more trivia!).

Now, today brings some more bar bet trivia for you from the stat geeks out there: the win by the Packers was only the second since 1970 (post-merger) where a team had 175 yards in penalties, 3 turnovers, and still won the game. Cool, eh? The Pack join the 1970 Houston Oilers as the only team to ever have this unique distinction.

Other bits and pieces of note:
  • Donald Driver's touchdown gives him 50 in his career. This makes the Packers the first team in NFL history to have had 10 players to have scored 50 or more touchdowns in their careers as Packers.

  • OT and fan fave Mark Tauscher got his first-ever pass reception last night. Yes, it came off a deflection and was for a loss of yardage, but still.

  • Last night was the first time that two Packers rookies recorded sacks in the same game at Lambeau Field, and only the fourth time in Packers history that this feat was accomplished. Last evening's sacks came courtesy of linebackers Clay Matthews and Brad Jones.
There are a number of other trivia bits and pieces that some might find of interest here.

Oh, one other late emerging stat: Aaron Rodgers needs just one more TD pass this season to match Brett Favre's total for his second year as the Packers starting QB. Rodgers is getting all sorts of favorable mentions these days, and all well-deserved.

The Pack has a good thing going right now...as if you needed someone to tell you.