Thursday, December 10, 2009

Packers - Da Bearz Week: Part 2

This Sunday brings yet another installment in the oldest rivalry in the NFL: the Packers vs. Da Bearz. They go together like fine chocolate and gristle. We all know which is which, don't we Packer fans?

The Packers are currently installed as 3-point favorites. One thing that is a certainty is that regardless of the records of the 2 teams, the game will be a dogfight. Always is...regardless of final score.

With the Packers these days, the defense has become a dominate force. They are the number 1 defense in the league right now, lest we forget.

That's why the current injury status of the Packers defensive unit is a bit of a concern, especially since the top 4 defensive linemen are a bit gimpy coming out of the Ravens game. According to reports, Ryan Pickett, Johnny Jolly, Cullen Jenkins, and B.J. Raji are all dinged up. Pickett didn't practice at all yesterday and the others only participated in jog-throughs. Pickett, with his hamstring injury, is the one that head coach Mike McCarthy is already saying will probably be a game-time decision. Jenkins also has a hamstring injury, while Jolly has a sore right knee. Raji turned his left ankle during the game Monday night. Fortunately, it's not the same high ankle sprain that kept him off the field for 3 games. Of course, all 4 of these players say they'll be ready to go against Da Bearz. Jenkins is quoted as saying, ""I think we've got a real tough group mentally. At this point in the year you're never going to be 100 percent. So you're going to have to fight through."

On top of that, LB Nick Barnett also sat out yesterday's practice with a sprained knee. He is expected to be ready for Sunday, as well.

Da Bearz reportedly also had a number of their players sitting out practice. OK, 'nuff about Da Bearz...back to the Pack...

On a good note, LB Clay Matthews was named the NFC defensive player of the week. CB Charles Woodson won the award last week. (Do we have a theme going here?) In another bit of bar trivia for you, Matthews' dad -- also named Clay (but that's not the trivia) -- won that same award twice during his years as a linebacker with the Browns. They are the first father and son named player of the week. (As my friend, Billy Da Bearz Fan, might say, put that in your pipe and smoke it! By the way, does anybody really know what the heck that's suppose to mean???)

If you want to read more about the injuries the Packers and Da Bearz are dealing with, check out this article.