Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yep, it's Green again in Green Bay

As noted here yesterday, the Packers were going retro in their search for a backup running back now that DeShawn Wynn has landed on the injured reserve list and is -- shocking! -- unavailable to play yet again.

The answer: Ahman Green! Yep, the same Ahman Green who the Packers parted ways with in 2007, and who was injury-plagued during his brief stint in Houston, is back with the Pack. And why not? He only needs 46 more yards to break Jim Taylor's all-time yardage rushing record for the Packers. At the rate the Pack has been rushing the ball and gaining yards, Green might just make that by the time the last game of the season rolls around.

While the Packers didn't release details of the deal, reports are that it was a one-year deal (oh, go ahead, Ted...make it a long-term deal while you're at it! sorry...sorry...totally uncalled for, I know...) for a prorated portion of the veteran's minimum and likely with incentives that could boost the dollars, of course.

So...what can you say? What's old is new -- and still old -- again.