Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rodgers holding the ball too long?

Any fan of the Packers over the first four games has undoubtedly found themselves shouting either at the game or at the TV, "Get rid of the ball!!!". This, in reference of course, to QB Aaron Rodgers seemingly preferring to take sacks over throwing the ball away when under pressure or when no receiver is open. The discussion of whether it's the sieve-like offensive line's fault or Rodgers' has been a topic of sports talk radio in Packerland for weeks. When you lead the league in sacks -- count 'em, 20 -- after four games, the answer would be instructive, although not totally answerable (btw, is answerable a real word...or just a make-it-up-able one?).

To further the statistical analysis of the situation and its impact upon a whole slew of things, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel sports writer, Greg Bedard, compiled a slew of info for all the stat geeks out there. You can find that info here.

If you want to read what Rodgers himself had to say about this matter, check out the comments from his news conference yesterday.

Or, better yet, you can hear what Rodgers had to say this morning during a live on-air interview with the morning team at 620WTMJ radio in Milwaukee. Either Rodgers is in fact the most low key guy around or he just woke up. Yes, it was at 7:15 a.m. so it's probably the latter. He was honest and straightforward about the problems and challenges facing the team right now, as well as what it's like playing in Green Bay. Definitely worth a listen, which you can do here.