Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tauscher back with the Pack?

RT Mark Tauscher, coming off nearly a year of rehab from knee injury and resultant free agent status, was back in Green Bay today working out for the team. Reports are that he pass his physical. Tauscher had reportedly also worked out in the last week or so with Kansas City. Early word is that a deal to rejoin the Pack is close. But, I mean, it's not like the Pack needs any offensive line help or anything. A-hem...

Check out this story for more.

Blackmon out for the year
Bad luck continues for fourth-year player Will Blackmon. Returning a kick in last night's game against the ViQueens, Blackmon tore an ACL and is now done for the season. Blackmon, despite his potential, has been a victim of various injuries over the years which have kept him out for extended periods of time. This is another.

Jordy Nelson takes over in the returner's role. Blackmon was also a reserve cornerback and thus his loss also weakens an already injury-plagued defensive backfield.