Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The morning after: Packers fans still say moving on was right

The morning after an emotional game like that of last night between the Packers and ViQueens, a lot of thoughts rolled through people's minds. Plays are analyzed. Schemes are reviewed. Players critiqued. And we'll get to all that over the next day or so probably.

But one immediate take that seems quite revealing -- despite the final score, missed opportunities, and uneven play -- is how fans feel about Ol' #4 today. Or to be more precise, as the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel asked in its online poll, did the Packers do the right thing in parting ways with Brett Favre? You know there are the Ted Thompson haters out there. Heck, maybe you're even one of them. But now, after seeing the heir to Ol' #4 play 20 regular season games as the starting QB, with an 8-12 record during that time, it's reasonable to ask: did the Pack do the right thing?

Here's the latest results at the time of this post:
So, now do you think the Packers did the right thing when they parted ways with Brett Favre?
Yes (67%)
No (33%)
Total Responses: 4182

So, out of more that 4,000 responses so far, two-thirds say "Yes," moving on was the right thing to do.

After watching last night, it's hard to admit that. But for those able to separate being Favre fans from being Packer fans, it's also the right thing to say.