Sunday, October 18, 2009

Halftime: Packers 23 - Lions 0

Good news is still that the Packers lead, adding three field goals in the 2nd quarter, by a score of 23-0 over the Lions. But it could and should be so much more. Getting greedy, I know. But when you settle for field goals instead of touchdowns, you are leaving points on the field.

As the TV announcers, including former NFL players Daryl Johnson and Tony Siragusa, have been pointing out repeatedly, Packers' penalties -- now totalling 8 for the day -- and sacks (4 so far) are negating Packers' momentum.

Five times in the second quarter the Pack started within Lions' territory and wound up with only 9 points to show for it. Better than nothing, true. But the Pack could have completely put away the Lions by now. Instead, well, a couple plays, turnovers or breakdowns on the part of the Packers and the Lions are back in it.

We are seeing the same things we've seen all season in the way of lack of concentration, penalties and missed assignments leading to sacks on Aaron Rodgers. Three out of four of Detroit's starting defensive linemen are out of the game, and they still have gotten to Rodgers. No excuse.

The fact that these things have not been cleaned up after a bye week is concerning. If the Pack performed this way against a good team, the outcome might be different. This one will go in the "W" column, make no mistake. But the Packers have not capitalized on their opportunities.