Monday, October 05, 2009

3rd quarter story: dropped TD pass

The ViQueens continued to be ably led by Ol' #4 and went up 28-14 in the quarter.

However, the Packers drove to the 'Queens 1-yard line late in the quarter. On 4th and 1, the Pack went for it. Rodgers found a wide open TE Donald Lee in the end zone. Only problem: Lee dropped the ball. Yet another blown opportunity.

This has been the ongoing story of this game. Yes, the guys in the funky purple are playing well, as expected. The Packers are, too. But are missing opportunity after opportunity...not something you can do in a game like this.

The Packers also have gotten no pressure on Favre. On one play in their TD drive, Favre had 7.3 seconds (according to the TV replay) to find a Packer defender got within 10 yards of him. Hard to figure why they aren't bringing more pressure. They've done a good job keeping Adrian Peterson in check. But why they aren't selling out to nail Favre is hard to understand.

So, 15 minutes left. And unless there is a major turnabout or two, this might be a difficult hole for the Pack to dig out of. And the sad part is, it's a hole they've dug for themselves tonight. The 'Queens certainly didn't need any help.