Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Packer tailgate option: Curly Lambeau's Cottage!

If you want a truly unique Packers tailgate option -- actually, even with or without the game involved -- you can now get together with your buddies for a few hours or the entire day at Curly Lambeau's actual cottage overlooking Green Bay's bay. How's that for putting a new spin on the Lambeau experience?

Turns out the cottage was purchased a number of years ago by the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay. It's available for a minimum of 4 hours for $125 or the whole day (no overnights, though, sorry) for $175. What a deal!

The cottage is set up for meetings, teambuilding experiences, etc. It has a brick-laid fireplace, a small kitchen, and restrooms (those might come in handy, eh?). There's an outdoor barbecue and picnic area overlooking the bay. Sweet.

You can check out more details and see photos of the cottage and grounds here.