Monday, October 05, 2009

Pack - Vikes 1st half story: turnovers

The Packers have played well in the first half. Except for two turnovers down near the ViQueens red zone. OK, that's not so good. The first was a fumble by QB Aaron Rodgers, and the second was an interception. Both times, the Pack was driving. Each time, they easily would have gotten at least 3 points. And, both times, the ViQueens turned the turnovers into 7 points. The Pack did score on a great throw and run after catch by Jermichael Finley for a 62-yard TD play.

The score after the 1st quarter was 7-7. The 'Queens went up 14-7 about halfway through the second quarter.

Then the Pack finally got a turnover of its own, and took it back for a TD. Tacklers were holding up Adrian Peterson and LB Clay Matthews stripped him of the ball and took it back 42 yards for the score. Bang: 14-14.

A late drive by the 'Queens put them up by 7 at the half. Favre was picked off in the end zone by Charles Woodson. But there was a defensive holding penalty on the play and the refs also called -- as even the announcers acknowledged -- a ticky-tack pass interference penalty on Woodson. That gave the 'Queens first down at the 1. Adrian Peterson carried it on the next play for the go-ahead score.

In the half, 21 of the 35 total points came off turnovers.

Ol' #4 in the funky purple is making good throws. Hasn't been sacked yet, unfortunately. He's getting the ball out quickly and looking like, well, you know. New #12 in the Green 'n ' Gold is making good throws as well, with the exception of the pick. He is having to make more throws on the move, though, as protection -- while not bad -- is still not great.

Just as expected, this game will be a tight one. And probably down to the wire.

Unfortunately, returner Will Blackmon went down on a kick return with a knee injury and was taken to the locker room on a cart for X-rays. Doesn't look good. And considering Blackmon's history of not being able to stay healthy for long, you just hate to see this happen again.

Turnovers were a big factor in the first half. Penalties on the Packers also have played a nagging role in the game. The Pack has hurt themselves in this game. Would rather have the Pack go in up, of course, but to go into half down by 7...still very winnable especially with the Pack's big play ability. By the way, no team in the last two years has had more "big plays" -- plays of 40 yards or more -- than the Pack. If the Pack can make a few corrections at half, and continue to play with the intensity they have...the Pack can still win this game.

Go Pack Go!!!