Monday, October 19, 2009

Boy, are we spoiled, Packer fans

You'd think that after a win -- a win at home, a win against a divisional opponent, a win that is a shutout -- that we Packer fans would be reveling in yesterday's victory. Well, yes and no.

Definitely, it's always a good thing to get a "W" (political references aside, please). So why the kvetching (look it up)? Just review the posts from yesterday as the game went on: penalties, sacks, missed opportunities, redzone failures, no running game. We'll get back to all this in a moment.

Let's not forget the positives:
  • Donald Driver becoming the all-time Packers leader in receptions, surpassing Sterling Sharpe. Not bad for a 7th round draft pick who caught a grand total of 3 passes in his first season. Congratulations, Donald. Packers Hall of Fame here you come!

  • Aaron Rodgers passing for 358 yards.

  • Clay Matthews getting his first start at linebacker and making big plays in the process.

  • Aaron Kampman working occasionally from the down linemen position and looking like his old sack-meister self.

  • Mason Crosby nailing 4 field goals (OK, that was the Pack settling but give credit where it's due).

  • The entire defensive unit staying focused and pitching a shutout.
So, lots of good things. Really. So why so dissatisfied with this win? Rather than reprise my rants from yesterday, why not take a look at what sports reporter Jay Sorgi of 620WTMJ radio in Milwaukee has to say. He entitles his article, "Analysis: Worst 26-Point Win EVER." Hmmm...wonder how he really feels? Read it for yourself here and find out. Pretty scathing. And pretty on target.

And if that doesn't do you in, check out Bill Michaels' blog, also at 620WTMJ. He takes on the Packers' sloppiness, penalties in particular, as now a multi-year problem under head coach Mike McCarthy. Check out this tidbit: "Mike McCarthy’s 'We’ll clean that up' phrase has now fallen upon deaf ears. To be honest, I’m beginning to question McCarthy’s capabilities as a head coach. There have been numerous moments that bring me to this more definitive doubt today but an undisciplined team, coming out of a break in which there was supposed to be a staunch concentration on 'cleaning up' the mental errors, leads me to believe that Mike McCarthy doesn’t have the ability, discipline capability or respect to fix the problems that have plagued this team for the last few years." Ouch! Check out the rest of what Michaels has to say here.

The Pack may get away with this kind of sloppiness against their next opponent, Cleveland. However, making these same bonehead mistakes against the next team to visit Lambeau -- that would be the ViQueens and Ol' #4 (as a popular T-shirt says, "We'll never forget you, Brent") -- will be a sure formula for a loss.

So, be happy with the victory. And pray for improvement.