Thursday, April 02, 2009

Does a tweet a twit make?

The latest communication tech rage, as any good geek knows, is Twitter (note to reader: this blogster has assiduously avoided being that geeked far). We have had instances of professional athletes sending "tweets" from their cell phones during half times of basketball games, during innings of spring training baseball games, etc. So it should come as no surprise that Packer linebacker Nick Barnett shot off a tweet during his down time regarding his opinion of the Packers defensive line status: "Ok question does anyone else think we need more d line man???".

According to an article in today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, when asked why he felt the Pack needed such help, Barnett wrote: "I think we need one more solid d-line man I think we have some pretty good options for olb but knowing ted I think he wants to sure it up." Of course, the "ted" he is referring to is Packers' GM Ted Thompson. And you'll have to pardon Barnett's typo: am sure he met "shore" it up, not "sure" it up (hey, typos happen...even here once in a while, sad to say).

Barnett's comments should come as no surprise. Firstly, because he is the type of person to generally say what's on his mind. And secondly, because any Packer fan already knows this same situation quite well. Yes, the Packers need help on the D-line. Given the lack of offseason free agent acquisitions, you have to believe Thompson is really going to have to add a few players in the upcoming draft, as well as later training camp cast-offs. As much of a concern as it seems to be for Packer fans -- and, apparently, some Packer players -- Thompson doesn't seem in any hurry to fill the holes.

But for more on Barnett and his tweets, check out the aforementioned Journal-Sentinel article here.