Monday, March 30, 2009

Packers announce preseason opponents

While we're still waiting to see what the 2009 regular season holds in the way of scheduling -- other than what we already know about opening weekend (Da Bearz at Lambeau) and Turkey Day (at Detroit) -- we now at least can start to sniff the the new football season.

While specific dates and times are yet to be determined, as well as TV coverage outside of the state, you'll be seeing the Pack play their first two games at home and then wind up with two on the road.

Aug. 13-17: Cleveland Browns (Gold pkg.)
Midwest Shrine Game
TV: state

Aug. 20-24: Buffalo Bills
Bishop's Charities Game
TV: state

Aug. 27-31: at Arizona Cardinals
TV: state

Sept. 3-4: at Tennessee Titans
TV: state

Note for the dim: the date ranges indicated above do not mean the games actually last, e.g., from Aug. 13-17, just that the game will take place sometime during that time frame; that's the "to be determined" part of things at this point. Just so we're clear.

You can learn more here.