Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A break from the usual...

OK, Packer fans, a slight diversion from the usual team-related fare.

We're going just a bit farther afield. Don't worry. We're still dealing with a Wisconsin sports icon. In this case, the great Bob Uecker. Yes, more generally known as the long-time radio voice of the Milwaukee Brewers. Some true sports geeks will also recall that he actually did have a major league baseball career, beginning with his hometown Milwaukee Braves, and after brief detours with the Cardinals (where he actually won a championship ring in 1964) and Phillies, ending his career with the Braves after their move to Atlanta. OK, only had a career .200 batting average...but, hey, he was in the bigs,man! Still, the late, great Johnny Carson always introduced Ueck as "Mr. Baseball" the 64 times he appeared on The Tonight Show.

Of course, for some, Uecker will always be TV's Mr. Belvedere. Wait...or was that the butler's name? Whatever.

Anwyay, check out the clip of comedian Artie Lange on David Letterman sharing a few Uecker stories. You can find it on this page. Then look for Lange and clip title, "Artie Lange and The Cough Button."

We'll return to our normal hand-ringing over the Packers' free agency non-participation sometime soon. Keep checking back.