Saturday, March 07, 2009

In need of defensive line help, Packers sign a safety

As has been rumored for the last several days, the Packers had interest in adding free agent Steelers safety, Anthony Smith, to their roster. And so they did.

Smith was a 10-game starter in 2007, but disappeared last year. At age 26, he is young and said to be loaded with athletic ability. The knock on him has been his maturity. As noted in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel report on the signing, "Smith's career took a wrong turn in Week 13 of 2007 when he guaranteed a victory on the road against the New England Patriots, who then hammered the Steelers, 34-13." Worse, Smith was the safety in coverage who got burned on two of those Patriots' touchdowns.

You can read more about Smith, his past play, and why the Pack decided to take a shot on him despite possible attitude adjustments that might be necessary on his part, here.

It's great that the Packers are dipping into the free agency pool. Just a shame there's nothing on the D-line front so far.