Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Favre now a free agent

Yes, we know Brett said he's retired...again. But then why did he ask for his release from the Jets? That's what happened earlier this week apparently. The Newark Star-Ledger reported this development Tuesday night. The article says that Favre put out a statement reading: "“Bus (Cook, his agent) and Mike (Tannenbaum, GM of the Jets) have been talking about this for a while. Nothing has changed. As this point, I am retired and have no intention of returning to football.”

But then, according to a comment reply to an article about this in the Green Bay Press-Gazette, he last night "twittered that he's now accepting offers and he thanked 'Mike'."

Oh boy. Of course, the poison pill clause the Pack had with the Jets was only effective if the Jets traded Brett to another team in the division. With a release, Brett can sign with any team he wants and the Pack would receive no compensation. What do you think? Is he still looking to stick it to Ted Thompson? Would he come back to sign with the ViQueens just to spite Ted?

Let's hope Brett takes the high road at this point. His arm clearly didn't have it going down the stretch last season. It's time to stay retired, Brett. want to come back and sign with the Packers so you can retire the way you should have the first time around.

You can read the Press-Gazette article here.