Friday, April 10, 2009

Packers season schedule due out Tuesday

Finally! Finally, the Packers schedule for the 2009 season will be released. Just tune in to the NFL Network at 6 p.m. (CT) Tuesday, April 14. Oh, oh...the NFL Network...well...maybe you can stream it over the 'net. Barring those options, you can also check back here at Packer Fans United, or here, or here. You can get the full NFL schedule at

Of course, the opponents at home and on the road have been known for quite a while now. Home opponents include divisional foes Chicago, Detroit and Minnesota, as well as San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, Baltimore and Cincinnati. On the road, the Packers once again play our three divisional opponents (Chicago, Detroit and Minnesota) plus Arizona, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Cleveland and Pittsburgh. It's just all a matter of who the Pack plays when.

We do have two known dates, though: the Pack opens the season against Da Bearz at Lambeau and play the Lions on Thanksgiving in Detroit. A wish list might have the Pack playing the Cowboys the game after know, get that extra rest and practice time in. And Arizona and Tampa Bay later in the season would be a plus, too. Instead, if NFL scheduling goes according to form, the Packers will have to go the desert to play the Cardinals in Week #2 and to the humidity of Florida in Week #3, while playing Cleveland and Pittsburgh the last games of the season. Well, perhaps the NFL scheduling gods will strive for a bit of balance. We'll know Tuesday how it all shakes out.

It's starting to smell a bit more like football season is just around the corner: the schedule coming out in a few days...the draft only about two weeks is good, Packer fans!