Thursday, April 16, 2009

Packers pre-draft moves

Now, don't get excited, Packer fans. We're not talking about anything major. Might not even qualify as anything minor. But in the quiet, quiet world of Packers free agency signings, the news that the Pack signed a nose tackle -- a definite need -- is something that at least makes us wake up from our offseason slumber. Even if it does deal with a name that most of us probably haven't heard of before. Unless you were a really rabid fan of Utah State a couple years ago.

The Packers signed Brian Soi, a 2007 undrafted free agent with the Dolphins. He was released before the start of the regular season. In 2008, he spent some of the offseason with the Giants. So, counting on Mr. Soi to be the answer at the critical nose tackle position is probably not going to happen. But...ya never know. Which is perhaps why GM Ted Thompson took a flyer on him. Physically, he seems to fit the bill: 6'3" and 334 pounds.

So if you want to know more, you can check out the Packers' news release about him here.

Long snapper traded
Wait...who was our long snapper last year? Oh yeah, Brett Goode. And do you remember that he was a last minute fill-in after the originally designated replacement for long-timer Rob Davis, rookie J.J. Jansen, was injured just before the start of the season? Jansen spent all season on injured reserve. And Goode was so good that the Pack decided to keep the known commodity. But apparently, at least one other team still saw some potential in Jansen: Carolina. The Panthers gave the Pack a future conditional draft pick for Jansen. So, nothing for the Packers to lose and perhaps even something to gain. And for young Mr. Jansen -- who was performing very well prior to his untimely injury -- he also still has something to gain.

So here's something that doesn't happen in football: a win-win.

You can read a bit more here.

New Poll Question: How many games will the Pack win this season?

Just added to the righthand column is a poll asking you how many games you think the Pack will win this season based upon the opponents and schedule. We'll run this through the end of April. So give us and your fellow Packer fans an early idea as to how you're feeling about things.

And what's with this Paulus hype?
Is there any more over-hyped story over the last several days than this bit about Duke point guard Greg Paulus trying out in front of the Packers? Or being recruited by Michigan? Yes, he has a year of college eligibility left, and was arguably the most highly recruited QB coming out of high school...but he's played basketball for the last several years, not football.

And which also leaves Packer fans wondering: Huh???

More if you haven't heard these bits before.