Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pack finishes draft with more defensive help

Addressing the problems with the defense that couldn't close out games last season was obviously the focus of this year's draft for the Packers: the Pack selected just three offensive players while taking five from the other side of the ball. And none of the offensive players selected would be classified as skill-set players.

We left off posting here after the selection of fullback Quinn Johnson. After Johnson, the Packers chose:
Each of the players drafted looks as if they were very good coming out of college. Whether they will make the Packers is another question. In looking at the profiles of each of these players it simply reinforces once again the great scouting staff the Packers have on board.

As for rating this draft, yes, as you know, I do wear the Green 'n' Gold glasses. But I also call 'em like I see 'em. And I see this one as an "A" level draft for the Packers. Nice job, Ted!

That's just my opinion, of course. Why not tell us and your fellow Packer fans what you thought of the draft? Rate it for yourself in the new poll in the righthand column.

Now, the chaos begins when teams try to sign those players who were not drafted. It will be interesting to see, having apparently addressed the main areas of concern on the offensive and defensive lines, whether the Pack will try to add a running back, punter, tight end and receiver to the mix. Long odds for those young men, but you never know. A punter might have a very good chance of sticking...quick, can you name the Packers' punter right now?

Check back here later Monday to see what the Packers did on that side of the personnel equation.