Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pack picks up a fullback

With their first pick in the fifth round, #145 overall, the Packers selected LSU fullback Quinn Johnson. At 6'1" and 245 lbs., this former linebacker helped clear the way this last season for a 1,000-yard rusher at LSU. From his profile description, "Despite playing on a team that featured standout offensive linemen like Herman Johnson and Ciron Black, he ranked second on the team with eleven touchdown-resulting blocks in 2008."

It was known going into the draft that the Packers wanted to add some competitiveness to their fullback position to try to help improve the zone running scheme. Johnson's stats indicate that he didn't rush or catch passes much. He was primarily geared to clearing running lanes. In that respect, he could be a good player to add to the training camp roster to generate some competition with current Packer fullbacks Korey Hall and John Kuhn.

Running backs coach Edgar Bennett told reporters that the Packers really like Johnson's aggressiveness and attitude. The Packers have been looking for a replacement in the run blocking game for the great William Henderson since Henderson's release in 2007. How well Johnson fits that bill remains to be seen. Bennett said Johnson shows up with power and strength and has the ability to make read adjustments. Johnson has the toughness required for fullback, according to Bennett. He can also play special teams.

Note to readers: the next draft update posted here at will come after the draft has been completed. We'll recap the Pack's final picks, as well as take a look at the overall draft and attempt to assess its impact going forward. Please check back this evening for that update.

Go Pack Go!!!