Monday, April 20, 2009

...and what about Michael Crabtree as a Packer?

With all the attention being paid to defensive and offensive linemen for the Packers' #9 pick, one of the players who hasn't been talked about all that much is Texas Tech WR Michael Crabtree. Given the Packers' needs on the O- and D-lines, as well as the fact that many mock drafts have Crabtree gone before the Packers pick, it's certainly understandable.

Well...maybe we should rethink that a bit. The radio voice of the Green Bay Packers, Wayne Larrivee, was on WTMJ620 radio in Milwaukee this evening talking about the draft with sports guy, Bill Michaels. Michaels asked Larrivee about Crabtree. Larrivee said that he "has been told" that if Crabtree is available at the #9 slot, the Packers will take him. Hmmm. Supposedly, you're not supposed to believe anything any of teams' reps tell you about the draft. So...what to make of that "has been told" bit?

Certainly fans were surprised last year when the Pack took WR Jordy Nelson with their first pick of the draft. Didn't seem like that was a team need given the abundance of good receivers already on the squad. Still, it turned out to be a good pick with the injury to James Jones. Rule of thumb: can never have too many skill players.

Relating this to this year's draft, if the Packers believe that Michael Crabtree is the best player available when and if they are still sitting at #9 it would follow form that he'll be a Packer.

Seemingly, a lot will have to do with what Seattle does at #4. There's increasing speculation that the Seahawks may draft USC QB Mark Sanchez at that spot...which would move some of the likely defensive and offensive linemen expected to go early down at least a slot, which obviously then juggles a number of things for various teams...including the Packers. Whether that drops Crabtree down to the Packers is a big question mark.

But isn't this part of what makes the NFL Draft one of the more entertaining aspects of the game? Just trying to figure out who is going to do what and why? Oh yeah...oh yeah...