Friday, April 24, 2009

It's just like Christmas Eve...

Well, except for the obvious religious connotations, of course.

But with less than 24 hours before the NFL Draft begins, some of us do get that kid-waiting-for-the-gift giddy feeling. Accept in this case, it would be like having a whole lot of brothers. You're hoping that you get the cool presents. The iPods, etc. And you hope your less-than-favorite brothers get the socks and underwear. In this case, we want the Pack to get the goodies and Da Bearz and ViQueens to get the socks and underwear. Oh yeah, the Lions...hmmm...well, they got a "new" logo already. Yawn. And they'll get the #1 pick tomorrow. Should be the best present of all. But how many times over the last decade has Detroit had top picks? And what have they done?

Never mind...that's off the topic.

Back to what the Packers can expect at #9. It seems as if consensus is building among pundits that nose tackle B.J. Raji will be available when the Packers go on the clock and if so they will take him. Still, there are a lot of other possibilities, depending upon how things fall, whether teams trade up or down, etc. The Packers will get a player at #9...just which one...that remains to be seen.

...And then...there are those eight other picks! At least, eight to start with.

Time to get all your snacks and favorite beverages ready for the next couple days. It's gonna be exciting!