Friday, August 01, 2008

$20 million offer to Favre from Pack...but not to play

As news reports have been circulating for the last day or so, the Packers have apparently offered Brett Favre $20 over 10 years to essentially make appearances at various public events and participate in marketing efforts for the Packers, whether he plays any more football or not. ESPN is reporting that he is seriously thinking about this offer. In a text message sent to one of ESPN's reporters Brett said, "There isn't a perfect solution to this, but Mark Murphy is at least trying. We know what they want and where I stand. His solution, although awkward and unsettling for most, may be the best in the end."

There were high expectations yesterday that Brett would be on a plane out of Hattiesburg last evening to come to Green Bay. That didn't happen. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has yet to act on Brett's reinstatement request, apparently trying to allow the two sides time to come to a resolution before triggering a roster move through the reinstatement, as this statement from the league office indicated: "The Packers and Brett Favre are continuing their discussions. The commissioner preferred to let those discussions continue rather than act on the reinstatement petition today."

You really do have to wonder about Brett's commitment, though. He's wavered on retirement for the last three or four seasons. And then yesterday Brett's agent released a statement saying this: "If he was given his release, there's no guarantee he'd go anywhere to play. However, he'd have the freedom to choose if he should decide to play."

Reports are circulating today that Brett has now sent out a message to the Packers saying that he wants to return to play for the Packers but if that's not possible to trade him so he can play against the Packers. Ouch.

So...does he want to play or doesn't he? Bottom line is still that Brett doesn't know what he wants to do. And that's the source of this circus.

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