Monday, August 18, 2008

Brett is one happy Jet

Although our focus here at is and will always be the Packers, of course, we also have to mention from time to time those players who have moved on elsewhere. Particularly when that player happens to be ol' #4.

According to an AP article carried on Yahoo Sports, Brett's one happy camper in Jet-land. Good for him. Nothing but the best to him now and always. And, especially this year, the better he does the better for the Pack in terms of the conditional draft pick we get next season. So...Go Brett Go!!!

He's got his moment now as Broadway Brett. And Jets fans can rejoice and marvel at his performance -- and agonize over some of his bonehead plays, as well -- just as we Packers fans have done for so long. But when Brett goes into the Hall of Fame, it won't be as a Jet. It will be as a Packer. So let's just consider this whole thing as a loan. We'll get him back in the Green 'n' Gold. Looks much better on him anyway.