Sunday, August 17, 2008

Packers flop at San Fran

For as many of the good things that were apparent even in the Packers loss at home last week, there were as many or more bad things that occurred in last night's defeat in San Francisco. It was ugly. The 'Niners whooped the Pack to the tune of 34-6.

The offense looked inept, allowing 6 sacks on the QB, with 4 of those coming against starter Aaron Rodgers. There were 3 turnovers. Receivers dropped passes, including what would have been an easy TD catch by TE Donald Lee following an interception by Charles Woodson deep in the 'Niners red zone. The running game was inept. The Packers didn't even hit 200 yards in total offense.

The defense was sloppy against the run and appeared uninspired. DB Jarrett Bush was -- as last year -- picked on repeatedly, and aided the 'Niners efforts with a critical pass interference play which helped set up a 'Niners TD.

About the only bright spot was a resurrected kicking game by punter Jon Ryan, who averaged about 50 yards per kick on the night. That, and a couple long returns by rookie receiver Jordy Nelson, were about the only highlights. Nelson had a 56-yard kickoff return in the third quarter and a 58-yard return in the fourth.

Coach McCarthy will have a lot of work to do in the next few weeks to pull this team together. It's loaded with talent. But it certainly wasn't on display in the city by the bay.