Friday, August 08, 2008

Words from others on the Favre trade

Packer fans, sometimes it helps us gain perspective on a situation by hearing what others on the outside have to say. Sometimes we're too close to things, too emotionally invested on one side or another. That certainly was the case with the whole Favre melodrama. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel compiled a number of comments from other sports pundits around the country regarding this matter. They seem to represent a good cross-section of thought, and might help all of us digest what has just transpired a bit better. You can read that compilation here.

Does Brett have a clue?

One of the side topics which has arisen since this trade was concluded was whether or not Brett really understands that, well, New York ain't Green Bay. We're not talking about the city here, obviously. We're talking about the fans, the franchise, the media, that sort of thing. And, yes, there are stereotypes involved. Sorry. But there are also hard facts. The Jets as a franchise has, how shall we say, not be good for a long, long time. Just remember all those draft day images at Madison Square Garden where Jets fans boo nearly every pick Jets' management makes. Which leads to the fans, of course. Brett, get ready to here the boos every time you throw another bonehead interception. Green Bay fans learned to cringe and then wait for your next brilliant play. We had the long-term perspective. Jets fans are going to expect that team to go to the playoffs now because you're at the helm. In that respect, it's no different than Green Bay. What's different, though, is the reaction you're going to get from the fans, Brett. Surrounded by questionable talent -- certainly far less than what you had to work with in Green Bay -- I and many others wonder how long it will take for you to really wonder why you didn't take that $20 million the Packers offered you to go off and ride your lawn mower. You're going to get some honeymoon time in New York, and be the star of the city for a while in a way that will stroke your ego the way you want. But if things go south for you and the Jets, you can be sure you wish you were back south in Mississippi.

Here's a great essay on this same topic from one of the writers at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

The Packers' mea culpa

Packers' management admitted in their press conference yesterday that they made lots of mistakes in handling the Brett Favre situation. For a small town franchise that relies on its history of integrity, etc., not to mention the good will of its fans locally and across the nation and globe, it is sad to see the Packers come through this tarnished in any way. But they have been. Short, medium and long-term you have to wonder how players around the league will now view their own dealings with the Packers in terms of potential signings, trades, etc. People wanted to play with Brett Favre. He's gone. Who or what is now going to be the draw that brings top-level players to the Packers and keeps the winning tradition alive? Winning will do that, of course. And so the pressure is on the starting QB, Aaron Rodgers, to win. Anything short of getting to the playoffs would be seen as a major downfall brought on by Ted Thompson's handling of Brett Favre. Get to the playoffs and fans will be on board with the decision to move on. In this respect, Rodgers will be under as much scrutiny as Brett throughout the season. And you can almost see week-by-week stats reports comparing the performance of the two.

But at least it is instructive that the Packers admitted publicly to their part in helping this fiasco fester. That's something. And maybe it will prevent similar meltdowns in the future. Read more here.