Friday, August 15, 2008

The $20 million deal Favre walked away from

According to a report in today's edition of The Sporting News' online newsletter, the $20 million offer the Packers put on the table for Brett Favre -- prior to his trade to the Jets -- included clothing, a merchandise line, collectibles, and even a blog. There was also a requirement for 10 personal appearances per year by Brett, including two private hunting and golfing trips. In addition, the Packers Pro Shop would become the exclusive distributor for autographed Favre memorabilia. Brett would also autograph 300 items each year for the Packers use.

Many fans and pundits thought Brett was, hmmm, a bit misguided in not taking $20 million for 10 years to basically show up and lend his name to things. But it's never been about the money with Brett, and he seemed to actually be insulted at the time that the Packers were tyring to "buy me off," as he put it, with such an offer.

Well, guess what? The Packers intend to make Brett a similar offer once he officially retires. Again.

As Packers president Mark Murphy stated, "We will want to have a long-term relationship with him. He will always be a Packer. It is similar to Joe Montana. Who remembers that he played with the Chiefs?"

In another article about this report at Yahoo Sports, it states, "In a chat with fans on last week, Murphy said he intends to reach out to Favre 'at the appropriate time' to finalize a formal relationship. Packers coach Mike McCarthy said last week that he would consider bringing Favre back to work with the team’s quarterbacks in training camp after his playing days are over. 'He’s a Green Bay Packer,' McCarthy said. 'He wants to come back here, he wants to be welcome back here.'"

You can read The Sporting News article here and the Yahoo Sports entry here.