Sunday, August 03, 2008

Goodell to Favre and Pack: settle it

Over the course of this weekend -- Hall of Fame weekend in Canton, OH -- NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told reporters, essentially, that if the Packers and Brett Favre don't come to some resolution to "this situation" (not what Goodell called it, but we might as well) he would reinstate Favre Monday and essentially force both parties to make decisions by effectively returning Favre to the Packers roster. At that point, Favre would report to camp, be traded, or decide to walk off with the $20 million deal the Packers have offered him to make personal appearances, etc. A deal which also does not preclude him from returning to the playing field, either in Green Bay or elsewhere...although the Packers would certainly be hoping the $20 million would keep Brett loyal to the Pack and dissuade him from going elsewhere.

So, Packer fans, seems like we will finally see the next, albeit perhaps not final, step in this saga sometime tomorrow at the latest. Stay tuned.

Also, it's interesting to note that even the Green Bay Catholic Archdiocesan newspaper has weighed on this matter. Naturally, the editorial has some religious overtones to it. But hey, it's Sunday, so what the heck. Check it out here if you are so inclined.

Grant signs 4-year $30 million deal

The Packers helped bring RB Ryan Grant's brief holdout to an end by getting him to agree to a four-year $30 million deal. Let's just hope last year's one-year wonder is able to continue that same kind of performance for at least the course of the contract. We're all well aware of players who, after signing that fat contract, never again match the performance of the year that made that money possible.