Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Packer fans seem to say, "Rodgers looked great"

OK, it was only one game. Actually, only about a quarter or so of one preseason game. But the microscope that new Packers starting QB Aaron Rodgers was under had to be...wait...that metaphor won't work. Never mind. The point is, Rodgers performed well and, according to the poll of the day going on at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel asking fans what their initial impressions were of Rodgers, here are the results at the time of this posting:

What were your impressions of Aaron Rodgers Monday night?
He looked great (51.5%)
He’ll do (32.1%)
Can Brett come back? (16.4%)
Total votes: 4,196

For more on the view of Rodgers and the game, check out this story and this one. You can also find another view of things at the ESPN site. The report, by the way, on the Sports Illustrated site, is the same AP story.